Saturday, October 15, 2011

A preview of Unknown Atrocity

Unknown Atrocity will contain new editions of my previous works Fragmentary Annihilation and Meditations on Ero-Guro plus a new work by the name of Cathartic Dreams. Below is a preview of how Cathartic Dreams is turning out. I hope to have it out Around November/December in a strictly limited print run and on Amazon Kindlge for $1.

The beginning, middle, and end.

Gods: A pair of sisters of disparate ages. One of the brink of puberty and one in almost full bloom. A natural beauty recalling Roman statues still gaudy with neon paint that have yet to age and become even more ravishing.

There were once a family of gods owing to continual ritualistic incest and sacrifices. Depictions of which would be unjust and inconclusive unless you’ve lost everything and looked up at the sun from a mud pit. To someone who has nothing the inconsequential can be mountainous and life-changing. For them incest and butchery were an every day occurrence bereft with minute hassle eventually leading to the usual drama, usual treachery, usual madness and therefore the usual suicidal plunge ending in Pyrrhic victory. What other fancies could describe the mundane?

The two sisters were all that remained and they went on a voyage to the sea; walking atop water, worshipped by no creature, promised no gift of speech to win a far off love, but into fog and blue set dressings. With each step they are being modified physically and mentally. A new neuro-peptide starts and finishes at each heart beat. The flesh becomes something more than human, lacking any flaw, and lacking less and less any existential ponder on the good and badness created. As though the air was an invisible chisel their bodies are enlarged and all the same become more refined. An increased height and hair length, skin becoming evermore bronze and reflective, and pairs of grossly enlarged tits like a Mona Lisa at a strip club.

Pardon my fantasies. Eventually the sisters arrive at a massive door, blueness shifts to grey then a phospherence like there being enough cum to turn to fog. The door opens, they enter, nothing.

Monday, July 5, 2010

My second legit book. Following Fragmentary Annihilation. A collection of scenarios and brief poems in examination of Erotic and Grotesque things. No appropriate category available.

Monday, June 28, 2010


I've decided to continue typing up other obscure and great works. I think the next project will be The Black Mirror: Selected Poems by Roger Gilbert Lecomte.

Overman and A New Man (Remix Fix)

I forgot I had a blog.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Preview of the next book: Mediations of Euro Guro

It has become clear now, upon witnessing a self-disemboweling tiger, along with a million other plagiarisms and a million other unimportant lives; Hitler was right. With the promise of looking down from an Empire of infinity; mannequins in shop windows thrown onto the fires, cheered on by beggars with tongues amputated. All bodies broken, no longer needed, there is no more eternity, only union for cripples, awash in acid showers like tears from a Rockefeller. There is no society. There is no me. There exists on only feeling -truly dread- as if drowning in an orgy.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

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